Salem Selectmen approve Tuscan agreement

May 30, 2019

By Madeline Hughes,

“Now that the agreement is finalized, Tuscan developers can now apply for building permits to begin construction.”

SALEM, N.H. – In an unanimous decision, the Board of Selectmen approved the memorandum of understanding with Tuscan Village a week after initially hearing about the $38 million deal.

“We have been working with the attorneys, representatives of Tuscan and the town,” Chair Jim Keller said. “And we are pleased to report we are at the point where we have a final executable memorandum of understanding that has been signed by representatives of Tuscan.”

Keller was on the negotiation team for the town. No other board members saw the contents of the memorandum prior to that meeting during the months-long negotiation process.

The agreement’s purpose is to provide the town “transparency and insight” to the 170-acre development project, Keller said. The monetary estimates in the memorandum outline what is brought to the town because of development.

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